Guild International is proud to announce the availability of a new, exclusive “Smart Vision System” which enhances the accuracy, measurability, and reliability of their coil welding machines. This new feature uses a laser profile system, precision servos, and linear actuators to check weld gaps and compare the real position of the weld to the commanded position. This laser system is mounted on the torch carriage and can achieve several functions. The welding torch can be automatically aligned on the X-axis to be centered on the weld gap and the Y-axis can be automatically adjusted based on selected parameters. After the weld is completed, the system will display weld height, width, spatter, or detect defects, if any. The system can analyze these inspection results and determine if the weld is acceptable based on the programmed parameters. Other features of this system include tracking shear cuts and providing system diagnostics that would track and sound alarms for certain situations including:

  • Encoders that are out of calibration
  • Wire feed issues (jammed or closed welding tip)
  • Arc not established (achieved by monitoring voltage and current tolerances)

Guild International offers a complete line of coil end welding machines for almost any steel processing, tube and pipe producing, or stamping application. Their line of patented equipment includes laser welders, arc welders, and resistance welders. Their Shearwelders,™ Zipwelders,™ and Zapwelders™ are the most technically advanced welding machines available on the market. Guild International also produces a full line of entry equipment including uncoilers, speed funnels, flatteners, and horizontal accumulators for tube and pipe mills. Each one of these machines is designed and manufactured to improve the productivity of any strip processing line requiring coil handling and coil end joining and welding.

For more information, contact Guild International at 440-232-5887 or visit their website at