Guild Annealer
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Guild Annealer
Guild Annealer
Guild Annealer

The Guild annealer is a double infrared lamp, post-weld station that can be mounted on a frame and comes ready for operation. The unit consists of two (2) elliptical reflectors and two (2) tungsten filaments enclosed in Argon atmosphere quartz tubes. The desired annealing temperature is reached on a time basis. All push buttons, timers, and controls are included. The machine is tested and ready for operation prior to shipping. A self-contained, water recirculator is included.

The entire annealer assembly is mounted on a machine base that includes casters. The annealer must be removed from the line during line run to ensure the annealer bulbs are not damaged.

Induction Annealer designed for a Guild QMT/QMM Quicklap Seam Welder

The QMT/QMM Quicklap Seam Welder can be equipped with a post-weld induction annealer. The inductor will be mounted between the weld and planish wheels on the bottom side of the strip. When annealing is selected, the inductor will anneal the strip in the same pass as the weld. 

Post/Pre-Induction Annealer designed for a Guild RCM/ME Zipwelders and DMI Shearwelders

When including an annealer with a Guild RCM, ME or DMI machines, one (1) or two (2) annealing heads will be located on the weld carriage. The post-weld induction annealers are located after the MIG welding torches. The annealing units can be used for post or pre annealing. These heads will move with the weld torch while heating and annealing the weld concurrently as the weld is made. When not in use, the unit can be lifted out of position by cylinder operation.

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