Crop Shear
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The Guild CS Crop Shear is a must for the efficiency of any production line. Our hydraulically-operated crop shear features a 2-post construction using heavy-duty shafts for consistent power and dependability. Upper and lower die set shear blades are four-sided, hardened tool steel with adjustment for grinding to extend blade life. Upper shear blades are set with a 1/2” rake angle per foot for a smooth down-cut operation, while a spring-loaded stripper pad holds the strip firmly in place during shearing to provide a square cut. Hydraulic flow control ensures consistent shearing forces throughout the shearing cycle for uninterrupted action and a clean, uniform cut. Like all machines engineered by Guild, our crop shear comes fully tested with industry-standard electrical and hydraulic take over points that make for quick and easy installation and maintenance.

Why Choose Guild

Since 1958, Guild International has led the industry as a world leader in designing and manufacturing coil joining and strip accumulating machinery. We continue to meet the rigorous engineering and design expectations that our clients have come to value. Guild’s equipment continues to increase productivity and yield on thousands of installations around the world on virtually all types of coil processing lines and materials.

Our team of designers and sales engineers are dedicated to providing innovative products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations to help make them more productive and profitable.

Our promise is simple: To take the time to come to know and understand our customers’ needs for coil processing and strip accumulating, and to then provide those customers the most appropriate, high-quality equipment to increase their productivity and profit.

Hydraulic flow control on the Guild Crop Shear ensures consistent pressure throughout the shearing cycle.

Hydraulic flow control ensures consistent pressure throughout the shearing cycle.

Crop Shear

Four-sided, reversible blades can be ground for extended life.

Pressure pad holds strip during shearing to ensure a square cut.

Crop Shear Sensors

Each crop shear comes equipped with positioning sensors to control shear cycling.

Easily accessible controls provide quick integration and straightforward maintenance.

Included safety pin with safety sensor protects personnel from moving components during maintenance.

Guild International offers a complete line of coil end welders for almost any application. Our patented product line includes Zipwelders(TM), resistance welders, semi-automatic shearwelders, and strip accumulators including Supercoils®, Superloops(TM) and Continuous Coils. Guild also produces a full line of rotary and cropshears along with uncoilers, speed funnels, and flatteners. Plus, our team of engineers will help you determine your needs and ensure proper equipment design and compatibility with your existing equipment. With Guild’s coil processing machinery, you can improve your processing line’s productivity and stay competitive in today’s business world. Put Guild International to work on your strip processing needs today.