ME Zipwelder
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The ME/MES Zipwelders are on the forefront of strip joining technology and are clearly the world’s most technically advanced shearwelder.


There are several different sizes available of the ME/MES Zipwelders that handle strip ranging from approximately .006″ to .750″ thick and up to 60″ wide. The patented zipwelder units reduce operator involvement, increase mill uptime, and reduce weld failure caused by operator error.

Zipwelders utilize the most advanced welding methods available including Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.), Plasma, Metallic Inert Gas (M.I.G.), and Laser Beam. Zipwelders are engineered to join coil ends on many different process lines including:

  • Pickling
  • Rolling Mill
  • Anneal & Pickle


  • Stamping
  • Tube/Pipe Mill
  • Galvanizing


  • Coil Buildup
  • Slitting
  • Others


ME Safety Lock

Safety lock integrated machine guarding protects personnel from hazards.


A combined MIG/TIG torch expands your range of processible materials, providing flexibility to weld a wide variety of materials and thicknesses.

ME Guillotine Shear

Hydraulically-operated guillotine shear uses precision ground, special alloy blades that are 4-sided and reversible for extended life. 

ME Milling Head

Milling heads use precision spindles and are equipped with a venturi-style vacuum chip removal system to keep work surfaces clean. 

ME Milling Unit

Available on most Guild welders, optional milling units eliminate weld overthickness. 

One of the most advanced shear welders on the market.

Why Choose Guild

Since 1958, Guild International has led the industry as a world leader in designing and manufacturing coil joining and strip accumulating machinery. We continue to meet the rigorous engineering and design expectations that our clients have come to value. Guild’s equipment continues to increase productivity and yield on thousands of installations around the world on virtually all types of coil processing lines and materials.

Our team of designers and sales engineers are dedicated to providing innovative products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations to help make them more productive and profitable.

Our promise is simple: To take the time to come to know and understand our customers’ needs for coil processing and strip accumulating, and to then provide those customers the most appropriate, high quality equipment to increase their productivity and profit.

The ME/MES Zipwelders are considered one of the most advanced shear welders available. These fully automatic welding machines were developed with an intention to reduce the operator involvement and increase mill uptime by reducing weld failures. Guild zipwelders are designed for use on either start/stop or continuous lines in units like pickling plant, tube/pipe mill, coil buildup plant, rolling mill, and coil prep plant for a variety of applications such as stamping, coil buildup, rolling mill, tube/pipe mill, slitting, annealing, pickling and galvanizing and others. These machines can also be used for welding a wide range of alloys including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Our zipwelders are ideally suited for meeting process line requirement and can also be used as transport welds, which allows the zipwelders to be removed at the end of the line, or for use in coil buildup. The ME/MES Zipwelder can also be used to butt weld that makes the welded material as strong as the parent material, as well as for special applications such as narrow width and light gauge welding applications. Though the zipwelders are considered a subtype of shearwelders, these are meant to be used for slightly different sort of applications.

The ME/MES Zipwelders are considered one of the most advanced shear welders available.

In addition to the ME/MES Zipwelders, Guild’s RCM Zipwelders make use of some of the most advanced welding methodologies such as Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) welding, Plasma welding, Metallic Inert Gas (M.I.G.) welding. The uniqueness of zipwelders is that the can shear and butt weld a variety of materials at varied range of thickness be it 0.45mm to about 25mm and as wide as necessary. With the advent of new technology, newly developed zipwelders machines can weld any type of weldable material, and have the capability to weld metals up to 2,000mm wide. These RCM zipwelders are ideally suited for use in strip joining steel plates and coils, or any other weldable material, including a wide range of a wide range of weldable alloys such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and even aluminum. Another major example of innovation in zipwelders is the ME 500-28 Zipwelder™. This zipwelder is a computer operated automatic welder, equipped with an exit pinch roll and an entry crop shear, both mounted on a grid system; to help in quick installation. The ME 500-28 Zipwelder™ has been designed in such a manner that it can cut through a steel sample up to 24 long from a steel coil. When operated in automatic mode, the trailing coil end automatically stops in the shear opening, whereas the exit side guides center the strip automatically, allowing the exit weld clamp to close down automatically. The operator feeds the leading steel coil into the zipwelder™, and then the entry sides and entry weld clamp closes. The specialty of zipwelder™ is that it automatically shears the two coil ends, and automatically makes an MIG weld based on the selection as per the on-board computer which controls not just the weld gap, wire speed, weld speed, but also the welding voltage. As with shear welder, these zipwelders can be similarly custom designed, as per the requirement of the customer, with requisite specifications as demanded.

Guild International ME Zipwelder™ Video

Guild International ME 175-14 Zipwelder Video

Guild International offers a complete line of coil end welders for almost any application. Our patented product line includes Zipwelders(TM), resistance welders, semi-automatic shearwelders, and strip accumulators including Supercoils®, Superloops(TM) and Continuous Coils. Guild also produces a full line of rotary and cropshears along with uncoilers, speed funnels, and flatteners. Plus, our team of engineers will help you determine your needs and ensure proper equipment design and compatibility with your existing equipment. With Guild’s coil processing machinery, you can improve your processing line’s productivity and stay competitive in today’s business world. Put Guild International to work on your strip processing needs today.