Guild International announces the availability of a redesigned version of their popular portable shearwelder now simply called the PSA. This shearwelder is the world’s most compact semi-automatic coil end welder ideally suited for a small tube mill, roll form line, or stamping presses. The unique “C” frame design and its portability make the PSA easy to shift from one processing line to another regardless of strip flow. This new version of the PSA has been reconfigured to comply with the latest worldwide safety standards.

Features of Guild’s PSA Portable Shearwelder include patented, split elevating quick change, solid copper alloy back-up bars, which ensure proper fit and perfect torch tracking. A vertically and horizontally adjustable torch holder allows the operator to quickly and properly align the tungsten over the weld seam. A weld window offers a safe view of the weld process, and a customizable weld power supply allows the PSA to fit any application.

Additional features of the PSA Portable Shearwelder include a pneumatically powered, three-blade shear for distortion-free shearing with spring-loaded stripper pads for a uniform cut, automatic relay to sense that welding arc is correctly established, and quick change backup bars. All PSA models come standard with a universal step-down transformer that allows Guild International to have machines available for immediate shipment, even to countries with different voltages.